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What you need to know

Why Would I Want To Shower My Bins?

Trash bins can smell horrible and start to grow harmful bacteria and germs.  The smell will attract rodents and insects.  We use heated 200-degree water to kill bacteria and biodegradable cleaners to sanitize and deodorize your bins.    

Can I Shower My Own Bins?

You can absolutely do this on your own! Our customers are paying for convenience to kill germs with 200-degree water and proper disposal of wastewater.   

How Do You Shower My Bins?

Our truck can do most of the work on your bins. 

Every bin is showered with 200-degree pressurized water. 

We will shower anything that is smelly, sticky, gross, or rotten.  

All the dirty water is caught in our trucks hopper to haul away safely.

Will You Send Me Reminders?

We will text and email you multiple reminders ahead of each visit to keep your bins on the street for us. 

When I Sign Up, When Will You Come Shower My Bins?

We will contact you when we receive your order regarding the next service date in your neighborhood. Sign-up online or call us directly.

Do I Have To Sign Up All My Bins?

No. You tell us which of your trash cans you want on the program.

Do I Need To Be Home For Your Services?

No. We clean your garbage cans the day of or day after your scheduled trash day. As long as your can is at the curb, we’ll clean it on your scheduled day. (We will not enter behind gates, in garages, etc. to retrieve cans. They must be at the curb.)

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